Welcome to 200 Victoria Street


    Victoria Street Building Opening Hours: 7:30am – 5:30pm Mon - Fri.

    Students, please ensure that you leave the building no later than 5:30pm. Students are not permitted to be in the building after hours unless supervised by a Trinity staff member.

    Victoria Street Lost Property: Only valuable items (such as a mobile phones, iPads, laptops etc) are to be handed in to the Administration office on Level 6. For all other items (umbrellas, scarves, stationery, drink bottles etc) see Mia Yourn at Reception on the Ground Floor.

    Ground Floor Lobby, 200 Victoria Street

    A reminder to all students in 200 Victoria Street to please be mindful when using the couches in the lobby of the building. This area is a shared space that is also being used by The Environmental Protection Authority, EPA, to conduct business. Hence, students must not use this lobby space to rest or sleep.

    Trinity Lifeskills Club (TLC)

    The Trinity Lifeskills Club (TLC) is a program run by Student Services that provides all TCFS students access to various clubs and activities that are running at Trinity College, ranging from art to yoga to boxing!

    To access more information, go to the Trinity Lifeskills Club page in the online Student Handbook on the Portal homepage.

    Here you can find a general timetable for the clubs and important
    information about each individual activity. Please visit this wikipage regularly to get the the most up-to-date information about your clubs.

    Check this space weekly for important messages and updates